Monday, July 14, 2008

Boycott Mags With Celebrity Babies on the Cover

Finally Brangelina had the twins. It's a boy and a girl. Hopefully now the gossip magazines, blogs, and television shows can move on to another subject.

What is really sickening is the amount of money that these magazines are offering the Pitts just to put these babies on the cover. Why? Because people buy these magazines in droves. Why? I really have no idea. These are babies plain and simple and that is all. Their claim to fame is that they were born to famous parents.

Let's all stop this Hollywood-baby-mania by boycotting all magazines that feature photographs of babies and/or toddlers on their covers. Let's refuse to believe that pregnancy is glamorous, and having a baby is the latest 'fad' and 'accessory', because this is what the gossip mags are selling.

Cheap Invitro

Still not sure how to comment on news stories that I link on the blog. Thought that one from last week was bizarre but hopeful: Africa getting cheap invitro. Sad that barren babes in Africa are stigmatized by their failure to produce offspring. The hopeful part is crazy, but perhaps this cheap invitro process will be a success and find its way across the Atlantic ocean. Even more bizarre would be desperate North American couples making a trek over to the Arican continent for cheap invitro. It will become a fad and 'vacations' will be planned around cheap invitro in far-flung countries.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fertility Treatment In Developing Countries; A Cycle Of IVF For Less Than $200

ScienceDaily (2008-07-09) -- After 30 years of IVF, the rewards of treatment are still largely confined to industrialized countries and those who can afford it. Now, a Special Task Force of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology has set about the immeasurable task of making fertility treatment more accessible to developing countries through a program of pilot projects, professional awareness and involvement of government and non-governmental agencies. ... > read full article

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adrienne Barbeau

Just caught an interview with Adrienne Barbeau on the Today Show. I can't believe that she is 62! She looks amazing. What really surprised me is that she had twins at 51. She claimed that she had lots of energy and could keep up with them. Then I started thinking about myself. Could I keep up with a baby at 51? At the moment I am 39 and I am not quite sure I could do it. Then I see someone like Adrienne Barbeau and I think that maybe I can. But, do I really want to go through all the hormone injections again...and possibly the use of donor eggs...Things to think about.