Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lupron Madness

Not sure if this is a side-effect of the lupron I started taking last week, but I am feeling incredibly irritable. Okay, maybe it's more likely that AF is due today or tomorrow. What's really strange about this cycle is that the doctor is in total control of my hormones. As a result, I feel out of control...I've been using the lupron as an excuse for my crabby behavior to long-suffering Darling Husband.

There is a glimmer of hope and that is the fact that we are using DE this cycle. We really didn't think my two follies could produce enough viable eggs for IVF...and the follicle count for the DE this cycle is twenty. So, my fingers are crossed and I am trying to maintain an optimistic outlook. Just wish I could shake my current lupron-induced grumpiness.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good News

Last week was crazy with lots of doctors appointments.

First, I had another mammogram on a particular area on my right breast. Lots of anxious moments until I was told that they didn't find any masses, but did see some microcalcifications on a certain angle. So, I am to go back in six months so they can have another look and see if there has been any change.

Second, I had my blood pressure checked and it's down to 110/74. Cutting out salt has definitely had an impact, although I do still crave it every now and again.

Third, I had a sonohisterography and everything looks great according to my RE. Just wish the same could be said for my ovaries...

I'm starting Lupron tonight and I'm feeling a bit anxious about the needle. Aside from being scared of needles, I am full of hope. So crazy optimistic (or, perhaps just delusional) am I that I bought one of those pregnancy mags at the supermarket. I want to stay focused on a positive outcome. Am I nuts? Yes, probably, but it makes this process easier to deal with.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Crossing Fingers

Finally heard back from my GP yesterday afternoon. She said that there is an area in my right breast that 'most likely is glandular tissue' but is 'asymmetrical in an area' so the mammogram gurus want to check it out again. Guess there is a way to zoom in on certain areas. So, this weekend I am crossing my fingers, hoping and praying that this 'asymmetrical area' in my breast is merely glandular tissue and nothing more. I've been so full of hope about the next couple of months and this is just something I did not expect.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Going Nuts

I am going nuts at the moment. Yesterday I had my first mammography and this morning I got a phone call telling me that I need to come in for another one. When I asked why the person would not tell me, but she did tell me to phone my doctor (who was sent the results). So, I made an appointment for next Monday (the earliest I could get), and have been playing telephone tag with my GP. Cripes, I just started the bcp protocol two days ago...Of course, all I can think of is the worst case scenario: that I have breast cancer. Visions of 'Love Story' are playing over in my head. Remember, she found out she was dying when she went to the doctor to find out why she couldn't get pregnant. This sucks big time. The timing is horrible. Will we have to cancel the whole ivf thing?