Friday, November 30, 2007

Pregnant Bikini Belly Blues

My Darling Husband and I are back from our Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii. Guess you can't avoid families with children at hotels unless you stay at Sandals because the Sheraton was full of them. The crying, screaming, and whining children reinforced our choice to suspend further fertility treatment. How can you find serenity with that? There were some well-behaved children although they appeared to be the exception and not the rule. Many instances of poor parenting skills including one instance where we witnessed a toddler almost drown in a 5ft deep pool as the mother sat watching. Really, who lets a toddler in a 'deep' pool by themselves? Being able to reproduce does not equate with being a great parent, just look at Britney Spears (that's another blog posting). Even though we appeared to be surrounded by children on the beach and at the pool I really managed not to have a melt down every time I saw a baby carriage, or a woman carrying a baby. Everything was great until our last afternoon at the pool. There she was, a pregnant woman (about 6-7 months) wearing a BIKINI floating on an air-mattress in the pool. I averted my eyes and tried to read. But, the worst part is that she and her hubby got out and sat NEXT to us!!!! That was it for me. I just couldn't sit there and not look at that bare pregnant belly -- something that I will never have. I got up and asked DH to go to the beach with me, and vented to him as soon as we got out of there. He thought I over reacted. He doesn't understand. I do not want to see a strange woman's pregnant belly. There should be some unwritten rule that pregnant women should not wear bikinis in public. I really do NOT want to look at a stranger's pregnant belly. Ughhhh!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Dreaming of Surviving the Holidays

Oh my, it's getting close to that time of the year. You know the time. When friends and family gather and interrogate you about the most intimate aspect of your relationship: when are you going to have a baby? I dread it. Dread it like the flu and Celine Dion on the radio. My Darling Husband and I are escaping this Thanksgiving and going for a tropical vacation. Of course, as everyone's nosiest co-worker knows, this is definitely the way you get pregnant. Just go on a holiday. You'll get knocked-up for sure!!!!! Hahahaha! Me and my single follicle will be sipping pina coladas on the beach and lapping up the sunshine.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Almost That Time of Year Again

Yes, it is almost that time of the year again. The time of family gatherings where relatives think they have the right to interrogate you as to why you don't have children yet. The time where friends and family fill Christmas cards full of photos of their ever expanding families and the dreaded newsletter full of tidbits of what their children have done this year. The time where shopping malls and stores are full of the stroller brigade. It is almost Christmas. Must remember to stay strong. If anyone knows of Christmas survival tips for Barren Babes, please pass them along.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not sure if I should keep 'Tell Me That You Love Me' on my list of television shows with a Barren Babe since the formerly Barren Babe on the show is now pregnant. Hate very much that they're propagating the myth that once you quit trying to get pregnant you will suddenly find yourself pregnant!!! I'm am living proof that it doesn't always work out that way. I'll keep the show on for now.

Facebook Blues

It's funny how I think I'm okay with this childless life and then I go on Facebook and discover someone from high school is about to 'pop' out a child and I get a sinking feeling in my tummy. Facebook is wonderful, but I must remind myself not to go searching for people that may not really matter in my life at the current moment. I must remember not to seek out sadness. Ignorance is bliss, right?