Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last Sunday's MM Episode

There was a great scene in last Sunday's Mad Men episode involving the couple that is having difficulty conceiving. It was interesting to see the two at the OB's office trying to discover why they are not getting pregnant. But, when Peter arrives home from work to discover that the doctor's office phoned to say that his 'sample' was viable it produced an argument. For myself, the argument hit close to home and it's an argument that most couples dealing with infertility face: whose 'fault' is it. The husband suggests that their life is wonderful the way it is and perhaps they shouldn't have a child, but the wife calls him immature. The scene ends with the wife asking, "If we don't have a baby then what is this all for?" to which he replies, "I don't know." Infertility must have been an even greater struggle back before Assisted Reproductive Technology emerged.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mad Men

Just added 'Mad Men' to the list of television shows with a Barren Babe. The character Pete's wife appears to be having problems conceiving. During the season premiere there was a touching scene where she lamented that everyone was getting pregnant but herself. She likened it to a 'club' that you joined when you became pregnant and she felt left out. I can relate to that. It will be interesting to see how the writers will handle this situation and its affect on their marriage, as back in the early 1960s options were limited to fertility-challenged women/couples.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Life is crazy at the moment. Darling Husband received a job offer on the Left coast. So, our time has been consumed by: DH negotiating relocation, dealing with lawyers regarding the visa transfer, moving companies visiting and giving bids, packing, apartment hunting via the internet, and trying to decide when to give notice to our current rental and DH's job. He doesn't want me telling people yet, but this is my 'secret' blog, and I doubt anyone he works with is aware of this one (unless they're going through infertility)...although I have been forced to write nothing about this on my other blog -- which is killing me.

Thankfully, this big change in our lives has taken my mind off of the recent cover of a certain gossip rag with 'you know who' and the twins. Although I have read on a gossip blog that AJ has denied using IVF...yeah, and most severely underweight women conceive twins easily. Grrrr! She is just part of the Hollywood Stroller Brigade (eg. Julia Roberts, JLo, etc.) with twins who deny use of IVF. There is nothing wrong with using IVF, and 'stars' who use it to get pregnant should not be ashamed. Are we that use fertility treatments abnormal? No, I think we're more of the 'norm' today as more women delay starting families.

Anyway, with this upcoming move I've started thinking about maybe...trying fertility treatments again. Perhaps it's because there will be new doctors who may have other opinions/options, or maybe it's because of the acupuncture -- which has made me feel brave, strong and regulated my cycles. And so it continues. Just wish I would have a 'miracle' surprise without injections and without a medical team of doctors and nurses.