Thursday, April 22, 2010

Expected Arrival

The in-laws rented a car and went on a little side-trip exploring in the mountains for a couple of days. Can't write a long post in case they arrive back -- because they know nothing about this blog -- and because I have no idea what time to expect them back. My FIL is obsessed with this new GPS software program he got for his laptop, so he is making my MIL sit with this huge laptop on her knee for the trip. Oh, boy. Hopefully they will find their way back to our place. God give me strength. Tomorrow we are playing tourist again and I will be in the car with them for a few hours. Have I mentioned that my MIL talks just to hear her voice in the car? She just chatters away, but not really having a conversation with anyone...just thinking out loud. I thought I was going to lose it with her last weekend. But, the worst part is when she puts on a little girl/babyish voice when speaking. Not cute when you're speaking with other adults, and especially not cute when you're over 60 years old. How should I react to a baby voice out of my MIL? My Mother told me to quit talking like that when I was 12. God give me strength. Just five more days.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In-Law Visit Countdown

Three days (not counting today) until the in-laws come to visit. I should be stressed but I'm not. Currently I'm getting over a nasty cold and just beginning to feel good again, and feeling somewhat guilty about not making it to the gym during my sick days. I really need to dust but maybe later. DH has planned the menus as per my request since they are his parents and he knows what they like to eat. It's strange but I don't really care anymore about their visit. The epiphany is that I am not responsible for their happiness, and my MIL will not like anything so why bother? Perhaps this isn't the best attitude but I'm protecting myself. DH also told me not to listen to anything his mother says as that is what he does. Fun times ahead.