Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Are Adopting

We are getting ready to adopt a 17 month old boy from Vietnam at the end of this month. Life is crazy right now.

It was the end of October when we received a referral to adopt a 13 month old boy with a minor correctable medical condition (he has a hernia). Wow! At that point we were thinking about a Plan B since we were beginning to think an adoption would never happen. I asked my doctor about hernias and she told me it is very common, and the surgery is usually performed around age four since sometimes they 'go back in on their own'. DH and I talked and agreed that this little boy is the one. Our hearts melted when we saw his big smile in the photo that was sent to us.

I was worried about the referral falling through so I did not want to write in this blog until we had airline tickets purchased and a hotel booked. These past four months have flown by and we have been researching and purchasing baby/toddler products. I am happy, but also freaked out about becoming a mother. Many mixed emotions these past months.

Not sure if I should continue this blog or create a new one as I begin my journey as a parent. This blog has helped me through so much pain and sadness, and it has helped me let go of old dreams while moving on to new ones. My road to motherhood has been long and broken, so I am creating a new path. I hope this path becomes a trail where others can find their way through the bumps and rough patches to find their own peace and fulfillment, whether that be a life without children or motherhood.