Friday, September 26, 2008

Fertile Friends

My ever-patient-Darling Husband informed me last night that he had some bad news. As if on cue, I replied "someone we know is pregnant, right?" Sure enough he replied yes...but, that it was on the funny side. Hmmmm...that could only mean our Truly-Fertile-Friends from back home.

You see, our Truly-Fertile-Friends are expecting their third child. That means three children in three years. And, yes, they are Catholic. Do married Catholics really practice this no-birth-control thing down to the letter? Seriously, this couple is not 'rolling in the dough' -- at least from our perspective. So, why do they keep having children? The world knows they can procreate.

Yes, I am on the jealous side. Although I was more jealous with their first child as it was born just a few months before my 'ectopic' pregnancy was due. (It was like daggers through my heart when I saw the baby for the first time at a dinner party -- really had to fight the tears and put on a smile.) With their second child I was a bit sad, but not devastated. Now with their third, I feel nothing, although I was 'gob smacked'. Shocked. Three children in three years.

My big question is: why are some people 'blessed' with seemingly boundless fertility and tons of kids, and others can't even have one? Why? My only answer is that life is difficult and far from fair.