Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie Warning: Time Traveler's Wife

The past couple of weeks have been relaxing. DH and I went away to the mountains the weekend before last and explored meadows and brooks -- and now I have an inexplicable urge to take-up fly fishing. Maybe it's a strange desire to stand in the middle of a mountain creek wearing those big boots and taking in nature. It seems like such a serene sport...although, I would probably release any fish that I might catch.

This past weekend we were back home and taking it easy. I persuaded long-suffering DH to see 'The Time Traveler's Wife' with me at a local theater. It seemed like a chick flick from the television advertisements and I like Rachel McAdams, both good reasons to see it in my opinion. Perhaps now I should mention that I have not yet read the novel on which the movie is based, which in hindsight maybe I should do from now on. Here is the warning, and also SPOILERS, because if you've had a miscarriage you should be forewarned about seeing this movie. I was blindsided when the main character suffers a miscarriage, and then another one! It would have been good to go into the theater knowing that this was going to be portrayed onscreen. Needless to mention the tears were rolling down my face and my eyes got all red and puffy in the theater. So, if you've had a miscarriage be aware that you will get to relive it onscreen through 'The Time Traveler's Wife.'