Friday, August 17, 2007

Last night I had a meltdown. Although I'm slowly accepting the fact that I will most likely never have a full-term pregnancy, go through childbirth, raise my own biological child, sometimes unexpected news can blindside me. It's usually when my husband brings news of someone in our former social web (we've moved to another city thousands of miles away) who's given birth, or is pregnant. So, last night I found out that one of his former co-workers gave birth to a second child, and two others are pregnant. Guess it's better to do it all at once and have a major meltdown. Lots of tears. Husband tells me he never knows when/how to spring the news on me. He can't understand why I'm not happy for these other couples. Husband doesn't understand that there's a little part of me that will always be sad when I hear this kind of news...especially when it's couples we know. In a way it's much easier to be in a different city as I'll never have to worry about running into them. Alright, they are more my husbands friends than mine.

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