Thursday, September 6, 2007

Last Saturday night my husband and I were out for dinner and the conversation found its way to the topic of puppies. Since we probably won't have our own biological children I have been thinking more and more about getting a puppy. My husband, a man of reason, argues that we should wait several years so that we're not tied down by the responsibility of a dog...hmmm....maybe it's a good thing that we're not having children. I'm working on changing his mind, but first I must do some research regarding different breeds and their suitability to our lifestyle. Then there is the subject of comprimising and agreeing on a particular breed.

As we were discussing the prospect of puppies for our future, darling husband told me about Leona Helmsley's million dollar dog. I had heard the news story regarding Helmsley's death while we were away on our trip but I had not heard about her will. She left her beloved Maltese 'Trouble' $12 million while disinheriting two grandchildren. I say good for her. It's her money and she had every right to decide how it should be distributed. That dog probably gave her more love than family members, so why shouldn't she see to it that the dog lives the rest of its life according to the lifestyle it has grown accustomed to. Hopefully the rest of the money will go to charity upon the dog's death.

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