Monday, October 8, 2007

Tell Me That You Love Me

Hubby and I have started watching the HBO series 'Tell me That You Love Me'. To be honest, the show has potential but the pace is very slow and the sex is somewhat soft-core porn, but too real to really be a turn-on. What I love about this show is how it shows the darkside of marriage and relationships. Nothing is sugar-coated and sometimes it hits the mark and you wonder if they've peeped into your life.

One couple is dealing with infertility (funnily someone from 'US' magazine called it 'sterility' -- God, wish someone would educate those baby-carriage-chasing-tabloid-writers). It's great to see television finally take a look at what millions of people face everyday. What my husband and I find amusing is that the couple don't agree on whether to tell friends about their problem, and the husband on the program blabs to the friends that they are trying to conceive and the wife is furious. Darling Husband and I laugh because this situation is so much like the two of us. I would love to tell everyone (at this point in time because three years ago I would have died if anyone knew) our problem trying to conceive, but Darling Husband has issued a gag order.

Bravo to HBO for showing infertility. Let's hope that they don't get pregnant right away because this is supposed to mirror real life, right?

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