Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We heard back from the clinic today and 29 fertilized donor eggs have become embryos (out of 50 donor eggs--more than ten-times the eggs that I ever had with medical help). Not sure if they will all make it to Thursday for the embryo transfer, but at this point all we need are two embryos who will hopefully make themselves at home in my uterus for nine months. Please say a prayer for us.


Anonymous said...

OMG - that is the most eggs I have ever heard of from one donor! And 29 fertilized?!!! Holy cow woman!

I loved your reaction to the big needles - you are using the 18 gauge ones just to DRAW the PIO, then switching to the still large but much better 22 gauge ones to stab it in your nether regions? That is pretty standard - we actually got some 25 gauge ones (even smaller but still huge looking) but the oil is so thick it took a long time to dispense. So we used ice and the 22s, and it was not a big deal. Probably because I have such a thick padding down there!

And don't sell yourself short - my DH did all the shots but one, second to last, which I wanted to see if I could. Tons of ice (always), the worst part was twisting around to try and get it in straight. I was really worried it would hurt later since I might have moved the needle a bit, but apparently it was fine. So if you HAVE to I know you could. I get to start all that again in about 2 weeks!

KandiB said...

29! That's insane! How awesome! I'm excited to hear how this story turns out. Will be thinking of you :)