Friday, April 17, 2009

Quest Diagnostics Sucks

Thanks to the ectopic pregnancy, and the resulting methotrexate shots, I am required to get bloodwork twice a week. So far, I have been going to the Quest Diagnostics clinic in the medical building where the fertility clinic is situated. As of today's experience I will be either incurring the extra cost of bloodwork at the fertility clinic, or attempting to experience another Quest clinic.

Yes, the Quest Diagnostics I have been going to has never been known for its customer service, but I have a 'stat' order and get through quickly with no problem. No problem until today. The doctor's nurse was supposed to fax the requisition to Quest, so when I arrived I signed in but there was no one at the desk for me to talk to about the fax. When someone appeared I approached the desk to mention the requisition/fax and was bluntly told: "I'm busy. I don't have time for that." Wow. I didn't even have time to squeeze in that it's a 'stat' order. Went back to my seat to read a magazine. A few minutes later I hear her yelling across the room at me: "What's the last name on the requisition?". Since I don't like yelling, I approached the desk and asked what last name she was referring to (not sure if she meant mine or the doctor's). This is the reply I received: "What? You don't know your last name?" I was absolutely shocked by her callous rudeness. I gave her my last name and sat down again. Then came another shout from across the room: "What date was it faxed?" I couldn't take it, so I yelled back: " I don't know!!" Then she told me not to yell at her!!! Oh, my God!!! When she yelled back that they didn't have it I got up and left vowing never to return. Luckily DH was there because the tears started flowing as soon as I left.

In a cloud of tears I ended up going up to the fertility clinic to get another requisition and my bloodwork drawn there incurring an extra cost.

What is wrong with Quest Diagnostics??? Why is there no compassion? Do you think that I'm going to let a woman who is rude to me put a needle in my vein? I did not ask for this ectopic to happen to me, and I really do not enjoy getting bloodwork drawn. I am only there because I am under a doctor's order to get bloodwork. Why belittle me in front of a waiting room full of people? What happened to a little kindness and compassion? Quest Diagnostics sucks for hiring such bitchy people to draw blood.


katedaphne said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I have done several out-of-town cycles, which required a lot of blood draws at Quest. It was usually awful. I've concluded that in addition to low hiring standards, it must be a horrible place to work, because the people there seem VERY unhappy.

I did hop around to a couple of different locations, and I did find a couple of decent techs, who I always requested to draw my blood.

I'm sorry they can't act more like the health CARE professionals they are and help you heal through this traumatic time.

Gina said...

Oh I am so very sorry you had to deal with that today. Quest is horrible, I don't know what kind of job advertisement they put out when hiring people, but it must say something to the effect of: Looking for a receptionist, the ruder the better. If you can be extra snotty you will advance quickly.

Big hugs to you.
Gina in NJ

Alacrity said...

I suggest that you write a letter to the company, and cc it to everyone you can think of, including your doctor!

musicmakermomma said...

What a bitch. I can't believe she told you not to yell at her! What a horrible experience, I hope you are able to find a different place that will work.

KandiB said...

I can't believe she was so rude. Well...I can believe. It's Quest. I always get skeeved out going there. My last visit it took the gal three times to get the blood. Eck.

I'm sorry. But good for you for walking out. Have DH call and talk to the office manager. Maybe you can get Ms Witch fired.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone! The Quest Diagnostic's customer service in Fairfax, VA is equally horrible! No one deserves to be treated like that. I wish you much luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

The company does not care about customer service anymore. They only care about profit and they will hire the lowest paid most incompetent people to achieve that goal.

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Austin said...

I went to Quest Diagnostics in Houston TX, 1919 N loop W. to perform a pre-employment U/A. I waited over 1 hour then when finally called back they skipped someone ahead of me, While in back filling out the paperwork the female Quest employee came around the corner stating "the CRACKHEAD you skipped over is in the lobby complaining" I was later that day contacted by Erica (head of the Hou. Dist.) to ask what happened. I told her what I heard. My U/A then MYSTERIOUSLLY vanished. My potential employer said it was the same as a negative. I have the paperwork showing I submitted the test. Quest then back pedaled saying I had indeed taken the test but they lost it. Iwas given the chance to re-test. This time I went my personal Dr. first and the results came back CLEAN. A few hours later I tested for Quest 5 days later they said I diluted the Test. A LIE. The speciman given was checked for temperature accuracy and passed. There was blue stuff in the water in the comode. I was retailed against for getting the first scumbag fired. I am going to start a web site soon so that these douchebags can be exposed. BEWARE of this company they are very suspect and should be avoided at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where was that. What is the address you went to?
I would not recommend Quest either. I know they laid off 2/3's of their staff over the last 3 years and they leave 1 person in charge of the whole office.
Most of the time whwen doctors offices SAY they will fax an order, they DO NOT. Just b/c you have a stat order does NOT mean you get in befor eeveryone else! You getin in the order YOU SIGN IN. You lab work is treated as a stat once it is drawn.
You really don't need to be having even more kids when ther eare plenty already and going into a lab and being an asswipe and insisting to be babied for wanting to have a kid tha twill die anyway and not being able to wait your turn. Do you think you are the only person that matters??! You sound like you live in Northern Cali. Selfish to the bone and bitchy, yourself.
You really need to ask you doctor how the process works and stop blaming everyine else for your bad time tryinhjg to creat a baby that will die!

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice attitude. You sound like you had another personality emerge in the middle of your post. You should not judge anyone, who made you the boss?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I'm employed by Quest and I can tell you that Quest indeed sucks. We are over worked and under paid. Not all of us are that bad,but we do have our days because of what Quest put us through.If you have a bad experience at Quest there are things you can do and people you can contact.But keep in mind that we are only human we deal with the public for 8 hours a day under a great amount stress.By no means does that excuse that person's behavior.

Anonymous said...

I went to Quest Labs today. The employees there were SO RUDE! I understand that people are overworked and underpaid, but so am I and would NEVER speak to a customer in the manner in which they did. At one point one of the staff members used profanity with an elderly lady who wanted to know if her lab specified that she should fast. The tech at the desk responded, "How the f@#* should I know." When I asked my tech how long the results usually take, she stated, "You'll get um when you get um, we're not a damn McDonald's" I have experience rude behavior at Quest before, but never to this level! It was terrible!

Anonymous said...

I had an appointment for a fasting blood draw at 8:30am. I showed up and signed in at 8:15. They called me up to the desk at 9:04 and told me it was four minutes too late to do the blood draw, because it had to be done between 7 and 9. Well, that is why I had an appointment for 8:30 and showed up at 8:15. I explained all of this, as well as the fact that I had to hire a babysitter to take my child to school, so that I could be there during the proper time window. She just glared at me and asked when I wanted to re-schedule. I said I would find a different lab and walked out. WTF?

By the way my child in school is adopted. My testing was routine and not related to fertility, although I am infertile so I feel for you. The mis-informed poster who said there are already kids in the world obviously has no clue of the actual situation. Yes there are kids in the world, but healthy babies are not abundant and can be even more expensive than fertility procedures. Many people want the experience of raising a child from birth, which you really don't get raising a "kid." I adopted an older toddler with behavioral problems and minor medical issues. I still had to jump through many hoops to become a "forever mom." I understand the government needs to be sure that the adoptive family is safe, but I needed more than a years worth of paperwork, blood tests, classes, home studies, etc. During all that time my child was being starved and traumatized by strangers. Now I have to un-do all that early damage. I know another family who adopted, only to have the courts reverse the decision when the biological parent got out of jail/rehab and got another chance to raise the child. We just hope they actually step up to be a responsible parent this time. Adoption can be costly emotionally and sometimes financially too. For me it was definitely the right way to go, but it is not right for everyone. When you start to research your options, you know what is right for you and forget what anyone else says. Best wishes however you grow your family.

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