Monday, March 5, 2012

Waiting Lists

Last week we received an email from the big international adoption agency in town regarding adopting overseas. In July 2011 we were put on a waiting list for the official waiting list to adopt a child from Vietnam. Last Wednesday we were told via email that there is an opening on the official waiting list since a couple on that list have 'withdrawn' (the phrases lost hope, given up, thrown-in-the-towel, and dropped out also came to mind), and several other couples are not ready to proceed.

The email provoked excitement and worry for me. DH was in Europe for work and I could not talk to him right away because he was at dinner with a potential new boss. I texted him to check his email ASAP and he then phoned me when he got back to his hotel. All I could think about was the cyst on my ovary and how it might negatively impact our medical report for adoption, and he told me not to worry.

The next day I received a call from my doctor with my MRI results. (Yes, I had an MRI mid February and, thanks to an Ativan, it was okay, and the results of my second ultrasound showed that the cyst had not changed in size.) According to the radiologist who analyzed the MRI, the cyst looks benign and there is no blood flow to it. Whew, that was a relief, but I still need to go see a surgical gynecologist about getting it removed through laproscopy. The big thing for me is that the radiologist suggested that the cyst might be caused by endometriosis. My doctor then pointed out that this can cause infertility.

After I hung up the phone I started crying because in all these years of going to doctors not one has brought this up as a possible issue in getting, and staying, pregnant. All these years of complaining about painful, heavy periods only to be prescribed muscle relaxants and birth control pills. I always felt that endometriosis was there inside me, but no one took it seriously.

DH is back home and we have set up an appointment later this week to meet with a woman at the big international adoption agency in town. We have questions, but my big concern is the timeline. From the documents she attached in the email it will be 24-28 months from when our dossier is registered in Vietnam that we can expect a 'referral' (I take this to mean that a child is referred/matched to us). It is also stated that travel usually happens 6-8 months after this. So, this is looking like three years. Today I am 43 and will be turning 44 this October -- can I handle a toddler at 47-48? I want to find out if we are put on the official waiting list then how long do we wait before our dossier is sent to Vietnam? Hopefully we will get some answers later this week before must make a decision and before they will want the big cheques.


Suzanne said...

I hope that you find out some information soon. Best of luck!

Nicole said...

I hope that your appointment goes well and that you get more details. Looking forward to hearing the update. Good luck!