Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Parties

Today is my nephew's birthday, so I had to pick up the phone and sing Happy Birthday to him. He turns 11 today, and was brutally honest with regards to my singing voice. Thanks kiddo. He didn't want to speak for long and so I ended up on the phone with my sister, and she told me about the ordeal with the birthday cake. Of course, my sister forgot to order a birthday cake and ended up driving all over town to find a place with a plain sheet cake that she could purchase. Then I heard all about the sleep-over party that my nephew wants to have, but not tonight because he has an important hockey game tomorrow (play-off)....You know, it just hit me, I will never have to deal with kids' birthday parties, and honestly, I won't miss that at all. Still love being an Auntie, though. Maybe I will be a wild and glamorous Auntie Mame-type aunt.

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Deathstar said...

When my sister came to visit, we spend a day with my nephew taking him to one of the indoor jungle gyms. We had a great time, he was awesome and when they flew back home, they had to deal with the cold he picked up in the ball room!