Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Sucks Sometimes

Mother's Day sucks sometimes. Ever since I miscarried over Mother's Day weekend two years ago I have come to hate this holiday. No, I don't hate my Mother, but I really hate the commercialization of a Hallmark Holiday. I loathe the ads that make anyone fertility challenged feel insignificant and inadequate because they can't have this holiday. "So sorry, but you don't belong to the motherhood club" is what I feel inside everytime I see a Mother's Day print ad or television commercial.

The coincidence of miscarrying on Mother's Day weekend is never lost, and each year I am constantly reminded of the grief and pain of that experience. Hopefully the sadness will subside with each passing year. Perhaps what really strikes me is that if I hadn't miscarried I too might be celebrating.

The bright side of this weekend is that Darling Husband has a conference out of town at a resort and I am going along with him. So, I will phone my Mother on Sunday, but after that I will hang out by the pool and get pampered at the spa. Maybe I'll even get wild and have a martini.

Yes, Mother's Day sucks sometimes, but sometimes you have to kick back and enjoy life. I'm taking back Mother's Day this year for myself and celebrating the joy of being alive. No one is going to make me feel crappy for not giving birth or raising a child, because I'm not going to let it happen.

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