Thursday, May 29, 2008

SATC Movie -- Should I see It?

The highly anticipated Sex and the City movie opens this weekend and I have a dilemna: should I go see it? I have been excited about this movie since hearing about the filming last summer, that was until a photo of a very pregnant Charlotte appeared online and in gossip rags about the same time. Surely this would be a fantasy sequence, right? But, no, today I saw a tv ad where she declares 'I'm pregnant!'...and, I have also read a couple of spoilers that point to her unexpected pregnancy. Oh, dear God. Charlotte gets a miracle. Can I hand a miracle? Will this miracle make me miserable if I go see the movie? Why does she get a miracle? Will they explain the odds against a miracle like this happening in reality? More importantly, I want to know when will I get my miracle? Sheesh...and they say truth is stranger than fiction.

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