Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In-Law Visit Countdown

Three days (not counting today) until the in-laws come to visit. I should be stressed but I'm not. Currently I'm getting over a nasty cold and just beginning to feel good again, and feeling somewhat guilty about not making it to the gym during my sick days. I really need to dust but maybe later. DH has planned the menus as per my request since they are his parents and he knows what they like to eat. It's strange but I don't really care anymore about their visit. The epiphany is that I am not responsible for their happiness, and my MIL will not like anything so why bother? Perhaps this isn't the best attitude but I'm protecting myself. DH also told me not to listen to anything his mother says as that is what he does. Fun times ahead.


musicmakermomma said...

Oh good grief! At least you may have some hilarious situations to blog about! I hope you can stay all zen through the visit, and maybe enjoy watching it all unfold around you. Good luck!

Jan said...

You're not meant to exercise beyond a gentle walk when you have a cold - so cross that off your guilt list :-). In terms of in-laws, if your DH has the same issues with them that you do, then you've nothing to feel responsible for. Courage!

ApronStringsEm said...

I think you have the perfect Zen attitude right now. Like you said, you're not responsible for their happiness. The only thing I can suggest is to remember that the only thing you can ever control in unnerving situations is how you react to it. I'll be thinking of you and waiting patiently for some fun and interesting posts in the near future.