Thursday, April 22, 2010

Expected Arrival

The in-laws rented a car and went on a little side-trip exploring in the mountains for a couple of days. Can't write a long post in case they arrive back -- because they know nothing about this blog -- and because I have no idea what time to expect them back. My FIL is obsessed with this new GPS software program he got for his laptop, so he is making my MIL sit with this huge laptop on her knee for the trip. Oh, boy. Hopefully they will find their way back to our place. God give me strength. Tomorrow we are playing tourist again and I will be in the car with them for a few hours. Have I mentioned that my MIL talks just to hear her voice in the car? She just chatters away, but not really having a conversation with anyone...just thinking out loud. I thought I was going to lose it with her last weekend. But, the worst part is when she puts on a little girl/babyish voice when speaking. Not cute when you're speaking with other adults, and especially not cute when you're over 60 years old. How should I react to a baby voice out of my MIL? My Mother told me to quit talking like that when I was 12. God give me strength. Just five more days.


musicmakermomma said...

Thank goodness they are off doing some stuff alone! Maybe there can be more side trips (without you!)? HATE people who talk like babies routinely - and you can tell they are putting it on because in a stressful situation their voice goes to "normal". Hopefully you are getting some good blogging fodder while they visit at least! Good luck!

KandiB said... MIL does the same baby voice thing. It is absolutely madning. It hurts my ears to hear her talk, and she talks NON stop. I have to excuse myself to use the restroom, get the laundry, cook something, anything to get away from her when she visits. I refuse to go to her house anymore b/c we are TRAPPED listening to that (can you even call it) sound.

Allie said...

Hi! Lurker representing!

Instead of 60, try 72, and screeching at my son (6m old) "It's gwaaaaandmaww!" in an awful Joisy accent. She chatters too, peppered liberally with my me me me I me me I my.

Instead of a visit, try a week in a European country where she managed to not only alienate her friend of 50 years, but also her granddaughter/my niece.

I get it, I really do. I feel for you, right down to the blithe ignorance of DH and resisting clawing the nearest walls in frustration because, after all, we still have to play nice.

Hang in there.