Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homeward Bound

At this moment I should be packing my suitcase, but I can't stay in one spot for more than two minutes, meanwhile our bed is piled with clothes that I need to edit. We are flying home to Canada tomorrow for a visit. DH has a meeting next week at the Canadian office and I thought I'd go along to visit my family.

We will also be looking at houses this weekend with realtors (one downtown and one in the suburbs). I told DH last weekend that my heart wants to move back to Canada so we can seriously look into adoption. He has yet to receive a written offer from the other company, so he really doesn't know how to approach them about declining since the person who offered it to him is in another continent for a month.

This interest in adoption is influencing our choice of homes. Three weeks ago we were looking for a cool townhouse in a funky neighborhood close to downtown, but now I'm throwing a wrench into it by insisting on a backyard. I need a garden. Unfortunately there aren't many homes close to downtown with backyards (that are within our budget) on the market right now, and so we've had to cast the net out to the suburbs.

Today I am excited about the future and the possibility of adoption. I realize that my age (a youthful 41) may be a drawback, but it's now or never time. Now I must decide which clothes to pack. Wish me luck!


It is what it is said...

We are going to begin the process of domestic (US) adoption. I am 44 and my DH is 41. I feel like we are at the young end of the general adoptive parent spectrum, so don't fret!

Good luck with all things.

AmyG said...

This seems like a good development. I hope it feels great. Best of luck with house-hunting!

Silver said...

That sounds like great news - I'm so pleased. Good luck with it all!

KandiB said...

I LOVE moving. I know its a pain in the azzzz, but there's something about starting over, starting something new, discovering a new neighborhood.

Have a GREAT trip!