Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just a Few More Days

Just a few more days and Christmas will be over for another year. It has been incredibly difficult this year and I have been full of sadness this past week.

We went for our first visit with our adoption practitioner, who is wonderful, on a snowy morning last week. Of course, I cried going over my history and losses, but the most difficult part was when she warned us that there aren't that many babies put up for adoption in our province. In fact, it's gone down considerably in the past five to ten years. She did tell us there are other avenues to take such as international adoption or adopting from the Children's Aid Society. Then she gave us piles of forms and information an inch thick. I am feeling overwhelmed with sadness as Christmas approaches. The adoption process feels like it is moving further from our grasp the more we proceed.

DH and I avoided an open house on Sunday at a couple's home whom we knew from when we were dating; DH was friend's with the wife and I am not keen on her since she freaked out that we were going to choose the same wedding date as they did 8yrs ago, so we chose the the week after and this couple chose to skip our wedding and go on their honeymoon instead, oh, and they also married in a church that neither attended just because it 'looked good'. They have two children and wrote a sugary newsletter for Christmas. Why do people like this have children easily? Why?

I will be so happy when Christmas is over.


Silver said...

I'm so sorry that things are looking tough just now. I know it's just another story of something that's happened to someone else but you should check out this blog: http://carriepreciouslittle.blogspot.com/

The adoption system here in the UK is fraught and there are almost no babies put forward, but amazing things do happen. This blogger is a friend IRL and I know she had her moments of despair on her way too.

Suzanne said...

Oh boy, do I know how you feel. My DH and I are looking into adoption and we are getting discouraged as well. It looks like it will be a long-drawn out process for us. If you get a chance, please stop by and check out my blog. Thanks :)

AmyG said...

Such a daunting process! I can only imagine how demoralizing this has been. I hope you're soon on a path that you feel great about.

And good on you for skipping that open house! Whew!

Nicole said...

Hi there,

I found your blog through La Belette Rouge's blog.

I am a barren babe myself. (I recently wrote about my hysterectomy story on my blog - nicoleciomek.com.)

Good luck with your adoption path.I know it probably is daunting, but I hope it can work out for you.

Anyway, I have read through a lot of your blog and I really enjoy it. Thanks so much for your honesty and positive energy!