Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Study Chez DH & Moi This Sunday

It's official. I am going crazy. Our social worker visits our home this Sunday and I can't relax. In fact, I am burned out from all the adoption stuff. We finished our PRIDE course several weeks ago and I have been diligently working on our birthmother letter/profile. After Sunday's home visit we have one more appointment with our social worker until our home study ends. Apparently we are supposed to be reading adoption books and listing them for the social worker, but I have only read one so far and need to find others.

We went to the police station last Friday to fill out forms for a criminal check, and also went to another agency to have our finger prints done for the FBI screening. Yes, we are getting checked out by the FBI, believe it or not, because we lived in the United States for almost five years. It will take about three months, but the funny thing is that I have almost no prints on my fingers! The woman doing the imprints complained, but what can I do? Who knew that your fingerprints can wear off over time. I told DH it is because of all the housework I do and he laughed and joked that I could be a criminal -- thanks Honey. Just hope it doesn't negatively impact our home study.

I am crossing my fingers that everything goes well on Sunday with the social worker and she's not detracted by clutter.


inBetween said...

I can't believe how much one has to do to qualify to be adoptive parents. It never ceases to amaze me that anyone is allowed to get pregnant and mistreat their kids, but to adopt you have to study books, get a home inspection, take a class, and get a police and FBI background check! Oof.

SUPER GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!! I know it will go really well.

Suzanne said...

Wishing you best of luck for this weekend :)