Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Cards

Dug out the Christmas card list from last year and started the task of sending cards to family and friends yesterday and today. We do not send the newsletter telling everyone about our year. I think that if you're close enough to someone then you do not need a newsletter. Besides, it lacks a certain warmth. My DH and I joke that we should mail a letter detailing our trips to the fertility clinic, and the IUIs that we went through. Then we could describe the needles I used to inject hormones into myself, and then reflect upon our decision (so far) to suspend further IUIs as the hormone I was using could spark tumor growth in the brain, breast, and sex organs. Yeah, well, we decided not to share our fertility clinic experiences with anyone. I absolutely dread getting the baby/children photos -- I ripped up the ones we received last year. This is the time of the year when it really bites to be infertile. My only consolation is that I am drinking egg nog this year after five years of deprivation in case I might be pregnant. Screw it, I'm drinking everything this Christmas. I'm even thinking of sneaking a flask in my suitcase when I go home as my folks are on the wagon. I'm sure my single follicle won't mind at all.

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