Monday, June 2, 2008

I Survived the SATC Movie

Last Saturday morning I dragged Darling Husband to the new Sex and The City movie. It wasn't easy, but I reminded him of the countless sporting events I've attended with, tickets were $6 if we went before noon.

So much estrogen packed into one movie theater early in the morning...The theater was packed full of women so it was no wonder that DH was desperate for java. We arrived early and sat at the end of a row. For some bizarre reason I am a magnet for pregnant women. Yes, two pregnant women sat beside me. What could I do? The movie was about to begin in five minutes and seats were filling up fast. I squeezed DH's hand as the second of the pregnant bellies passed by me and he told me to relax and then reminded me that the movie would soon begin.

Loved the movie not only for the story, but really for the amazing fashion and product placements. It was like one long fashion advertisement. Oh, and that apartment they bought...where did they find the room to make that huge clothes closet? Yes, the closet that every woman salivates over. The closet that only exists in my dreams. Ahhhh. I'd move to Manhattan in a heartbeat if I could afford to live in that apartment.

My only complaint regarding the movie is Charlotte's miraculous pregnancy. Didn't her doctor tell her that she only had a 5-10% chance of conceiving? (Hmmm, or am I confusing her reproductively-challenged life with my own?) It's annoying that they are perpetuating the myth that barren women can conceive once they adopt a child. Is this a scientific fact that has been studied? No, it's just a tidy way to give a character a 'happy-ending'. Personally, I think they should have left Charlotte with her beautiful adopted daughter and added drama by giving her a crisis of faith by either: having her husband come-out as gay or having him suffer from a fatal disease. Thank God that Samantha, and hopefully Carrie, will never have children. Some lives are meant to be 'R' rated, i.e. Adult Only.

P.S. We actually saw someone bringing a girl about ten into the theater. What kind of mother would do that? Has she only seen the TBS version? I actually miss the HBO sexed-up series....maybe I'll have to breakdown and buy it.

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Swim said...

I haven't seen the SATC movie yet, but heard about Charlotte getting her miraculous pregnancy. I still plan to see the movie but agree with you, I miss the sexed-up HBO version.