Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hubby and I paid a visit to Borders this weekend. I love checking out the new hardcover books and Borders usually features some great deals. Love finding books that I want to read as well as looking at the marked down books as you never know what treasure you might discover.

Must confess that for the past four or five years whenever I go to a bookstore I usually find myself drawn to the 'Women's Health' shelves...more specifically the 'Inferfility' section. Most of the books I have purchased over the years are now in a box in my closet, but I keep looking for hope in the pages of the latest book on the topic of overcoming infertility. This time I just spent a couple of minutes seeing if there are any new editions to the shelf and then I wandered away. Perhaps my mind is just not into reading another book about infertility.

After grabbing a copy of 'Chasing Harry Winston' by Lauren Weisberger -- because I need a light, frothy novel after reading a Janis Joplin biography -- I went to check the magazines for the latest Conceive issue. I've been buying this magazine since I discovered it about three years ago, and so I added a copy to the other magazines I was about to purchase. Then I had a change of heart. Did I really want a magazine centered on getting pregnant? So, I didn't buy it. I felt really proud of myself at the time and told Hubby about my decision. He commended me and reminded me that maybe it was time to 'move on'. Yes, I suppose it is time to 'move on'...but why am I now obsessed with buying that issue of Conceive?

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