Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Avoiding Facebook...Again

Happened to log on to Facebook the other day and was bombarded with baby photos. An acquaintance on my friends list just had a baby and excitedly posted a dozen photos of the newborn. While I am happy for the couple and their new baby, I really don't need to see all these photos of a 'fresh' (yes, just minutes old with blood and other stuff I can't describe still clinging to it) newborn staring at me when I go on Facebook. So, I think I'll be taking a break from Facebook for the next week...or, until I can bear to see more baby stuff.

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katedaphne said...

Facebook is such a double-edged sword. It's gotten me in contact with some people I haven't talked to in forver, and I love the chat fedature, but oh! Save me from the baby pics!!! I've been clicking on the "options" thing a lot these days. It gives you a choice of "Less news about so-and-so" or "More news" and anyone with a baby pic or baby-related status gets "less news."