Monday, October 6, 2008

Mad Men Addresses Adoption

Last night's episode of Mad Men had the fertility-challenged couple of Peter and Trudy Campbell contemplating adoption. I love seeing how couples dealing with infertility 'coped' back in the early 1960s before ART was available. (Really, think about it: how many of us take ART for granted?)

The Peter Campbell character initially was repulsed by the idea of adoption, but his wife pointed out that one can love a baby that is not genetically related to you. His mother's reaction to adoption was to threaten to cut him out of her will. Gee, I had no idea that adoption was not widely accepted back in the early 1960s.

On the flip side, it was funny to hear Peter Campbell's brother say that he and his wife 'hoped to become one of those childless couples that everyone invites over for dinner.'

Here's hoping that the Mad Men writers continue to feature how these characters cope with the challenge of infertility.

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