Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fertilty Clinic Frustration

Today is the day I decided to try again. More specifically, to try getting on the fertility clinic/ART merry-go-round again. After doing some internet searches on doctors I made the pick. Discussed it with Darling Husband and we agreed to meet with the 'white coat men' (aka Reproductive Endocrinologists).

So, I picked up the phone and called the number on the clinic's website to set up an appointment as a new patient. I was put through to the person that coordinates new patients. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak to a 'live' person and was put through to voice mail. I hate voice mail and answering machines, but I did leave a message stating my name and phone number three times.

It's been almost two hours and I haven't heard from this person. Have I mentioned that it drives me nuts when people don't return phone calls? After dumping my frustrations on Darling Husband, he suggested that the person probably wasn't at work today and they'll phone me tomorrow. Well, I'll wait until tomorrow and I'll try phoning again. This is the part that I hate most of all about relocating: trying to find new doctors and/or specialists. Guess I have to be stronger and more patient...But it is frustrating when today I am ready to try again...I want to get the ball rolling...I want to set up an appointment.

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