Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take My Ovary, Please

Last Friday I went to my doctor's office to receive results from previous bloodwork (late November) and from the recent ultrasound (January 10). Actually, it was a new doctor since my 'new' GP from last year is taking a year sabbatical to New Zealand -- and I'm a bit confused as to which of them I should say is my doctor when booking appointments.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my hormones are 'normal' and that my FSH level was 8! In all my visits to fertility clinics my FSH has never been below 11 and it was 24 the last time it was checked in August 2010. The doctor did tell me that during perimenopause the FSH level can go up and down, but I was happy by this little bit of news.

I was not prepared for the ultrasound results, which revealed that I have an ovarian cyst (5x2x2cm): "complex adnexal cystic mass". The doctor thinks it may be several small cysts that failed to burst and are now 'joined'. So, I am making appointments for more ultrasounds (different place this time), an MRI (still waiting to hear back from the hospital), and a surgical-gynecologist (earliest appointment was end of JULY).

My initial reaction was shock then anger at my ovaries and how they have disappointed me. These two ovaries have failed miserably at producing top-quality eggs. Now one can't even get through the follicular phase and has gone rogue. The frustrating part is that I don't know WHY they have never worked properly. Was I eating the wrong food? Too many warm baths? All that swimming in chlorine pools as a child? I am searching the internet for diets, or anything else, that may help shrink the cyst. But, I am seriously thinking of telling the surgeon to please take the ovary out with the cyst. Damn wonky ovary.

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Nicole said...

Hugs lady.

These types of medical issues are SO hard. Take care and try not to worry too much about what you should of/could of done different.

Sometimes our bodies just don't come out right. Stupid things.