Monday, January 2, 2012

Young Adult

DH and I saw the movie 'Young Adult' last week. I loved it, but wanted to warn those who have had a miscarriage that one is mentioned.

SPOILER: Actually a character freaks out at a 'naming' party for a baby and lets the mother and the crowd know about a miscarriage she had in the past. If it were me, I would not have gone to the baby naming party, but I have secretly wanted to unleash about my miscarriage to mothers with babies, and so I choose to stay as far away from newborns and their mothers until the child is walking.

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CCameron1711 said...

Grr I hate "baby talk" and I am definitely the kind of person who would stand up and tell everyone about my miscarrige! In fact, I've done it before when we were out wiht some friends and she wouldn't shut up about her baby that was due a month before mine was supposed to be born. It's not like I'm not happy for them but there is only so much I can take... But I am like you and wouldn't have gone in the first place unless I absolutely had to go!