Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Double Positive

I went for more bloodwork this morning at the clinic, but I wasn't as nervous waiting for the results because, really, there's nothing I can do at the moment to influence the outcome, and bad news is what I'm used to hearing. So, imagine my shock when I got the phone call and found out it had doubled! I was stunned and couldn't believe the hcg was 151. I have an ultrasound scheduled at the clinic for the second week in February, and no more bloodwork until that time...which freaks me out a bit. You see, four years ago we had a 'spontaneous' pregnancy and I went to my GP and had bloodwork drawn twice, and then I made an appointment with an OB and discovered at my first ultrasound that the pregnancy had stopped growing. Until I see something on the ultrasound I can't believe this actually worked.

I told DH and he is beyond happy that it worked this time and that the beta doubled. The only problem is that he wants to phone his Mother right away and tell her the news. Oh, boy. This is the woman who gushed about DH's friend's baby over Christmas dinner two years ago (and who follows this baby's mother's 'Mommy' blog). I talked him into waiting a couple days until the weekend when he does his weekly call home. Once she finds out she'll be bugging us to move closer to 'home'. Must stay happy...must stay calm.


musicmakermomma said...

Congratulations! One step closer - I think for us infertiles it is never "for sure" til the screamin' kid is in your arms - but hopefully you can get your DH to hold off until the u/s at least. Tell him you want it to be your special secret for just the two of you for a few weeks. Good luck!

maxandzuzu said...

My first instinct is to suggest that you wait till you're 12wks. (just in case). But, God, you've waited sooo long! Can you blame the guy for wanting to spread the good news?! If something should go wrong, at least you'll had the rare experience of telling people and having them be happy for you. Hell, maybe if there is a God your family will pray for you and their prayers will make this one stick! This should be such a happy time for you guys. Try to enjoy it, there's plenty of time for that shadow of doubt to creep back in!