Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Acupuncture Day

Today is acupuncture day. Okay, it's not an 'official' acupuncture day celebrated across the nation like Mother's Day. In my life acupuncture appointments are on Wednesdays and I look forward to each appointment.

It's been two weeks since my last appointment and hopefully this cycle will be more 'normal' than my last few: either too long or too short. I started going to regulate my cycles, but I've become addicted to the peaceful feeling that I get after an acupuncture treatment. It's a sense of 'balance' and that everything in life feels okay. It feels like I can face any adversity and all will be well.

Because I get that total sense of peace and relaxation after an acupuncture treatment, I try to organize and have household work finished before the appointment and always plan ahead and have leftovers ready to re-heat for dinner. Darling Husband doesn't mind too much because he knows I will be totally chilled-out tonight.

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HeidiM said...

I get so relaxed and sleepy from acupuncture that I'm sometimes scared to drive home! DWA - driving while acupuncture-affected = a little dangerous, for me at least.