Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Hard To Keep a Good Woman Down

Unfortunately, last weekend dear aunt flo came to visit. Of course, I am always somewhat let-down when this happens as I always hold out for the 'miracle' to happen...and I am always disappointed. Hope can be a dangerous thing.

When the disappointment strikes I comfort myself by indulging in sushi and alcohol, and so Darling Husband and I went out for sushi and I had a yummy lychee martini. We also went to see a couple of live bands. Nothing like raw fish, booze, and live music to boost one's spirits.

Must comment that I actually encountered a very pregnant belly (wearing a tight shirt...why do women do this?) at the music venue. I totally was not expecting to see a huge pregnant belly and felt a sinking feeling in my tummy when I saw her. But, what really made me happy was that Darling Husband instinctively knew I would be affected by this sight and reached out and put his arm around me and rubbed my back. It was his kind and empathetic action that prevented me from emotionally reacting.

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Heidi said...

I can relate, every time I sign up for another IVF, I secretly hope that I'll "accidentally" get pregnant in the cycle prior and can then just cancel. And when AF comes, I have a few drinks as a booby prize.

Sounds like your husband is a sweety. IF seems to bring out the very caring, nurturing sides of our guys.