Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Pregnant Belly

Had a dentist appointment this afternoon. Like most people I dread going to the dentist and I am always slightly anxious. All went well..okay, I must go back about a filling but that is somewhat normal for me. Okay, all went well until I went to set up my next appointment and there she stood before me with her pregnant belly right out there. Yes, the woman in the dentist's office is pregnant. Surprisingly I did not have a meltdown and I didn't react. Felt a faint twinge of sadness mixed with jealousy but it soon passed. I did not acknowledge her pregnancy by commenting on it and asking about it. Sometimes it's easier if you just say nothing at all, and I think I'll stick with that and ignore her pregnant belly when I go back again. Sometimes being a bitch helps you make through. There, I've let it out and now I can get on with my day.

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Deathstar said...

You're not being a bitch, you're just in a different place than she is. Trust me, she has plenty of people paying her attention and patting her belly. It's spring now so you'll be seeing lots more.