Monday, April 21, 2008

Brothers & Sisters & IVF

Last night's episode of 'Brothers & Sisters' made Darling Husband and I chuckle. Did you catch it? Kitty and her husband at the RE's office getting instructions on the hormonal needles. All the talk about needles and egg harvesting made us 'nostalgic' and happy that we jumped off that wagon. It was great to see characters in a popular televison show facing fertility treatments. Perhaps the writers will show a couple struggling with infertility, unlike the brother and his wife who seemed to get pregnant on their first ART 'try'. Kitty's earlier miscarriage this season mirrored my own as I also discovered that 'it' had stopped growing during my first ultrasound at the OB's office. The only flaw in this storyline is that I got the impression that her husband really does not want anymore children. When did he do a total turnaround?

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