Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Week?

DH and I went for a 'pre-op' appointment today for the FET and it appears that my lining isn't cooperating. At 7mm my uterine lining isn't optimal for a transfer next week so we will be pushing the transfer date back. Since we only have a few embryos left -- and this will be our last FET -- I'm glad that the doctor is being cautious. The only horrible part about pushing dates back is that I have to continue being on lupron and three estrogen patches a day. My fingers are crossed that we have enough lupron left in prior vials to last until next Wednesday (when I go in to have the lining re-checked) since we have enough syringes.

The other horrible part about being on three estrogen patches until Wednesday is that they turn me into a banshee. Last night my calmness from acupuncture was disrupted when DH and I got into a fight over something as trivial as making chocolate chip cookies (I was craving them), not from scratch but the ones you slice and pop into the oven. It was incredibly irrational but I could not contain my emotional outburst: every little irritating thing that I had been ignoring came spilling over the top like a volcanic eruption. DH was scared and suggested that we cancel the transfer. Finally I got the emotions under control but I hope our relationship can withstand my emotional outbursts for another week.

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Jessa Rodenburgh said...

Infertility is definitely not easy on a marriage. Be kind to yourself. The only way I survived infertility was to forgive myself all my emotional break downs. I use the same philosophy for our adoption. Sometimes I'm a mess, but it's ok to be.

I'm hoping everything does well with this next transfer. Lots of prayers coming your way.