Friday, June 11, 2010

You Make Plans and God Laughs

The ultrasound at the clinic went well this past Wednesday. My uterine lining is at 9.6 mm and the FET is set for this Sunday at eleven in the morning. Yesterday and today I have been cleaning like crazy. I don't want to do any housework until the pregnancy test on the 24th. DH states that he will help out, but men (okay, those that are straight) have a different standard of clean compared to women. My thinking is that if I scrub everything in the bathroom then it could possibly last for a few months without getting too grimy. Trying to be optimistic and planning on resting for the next couple of weeks. At the moment I'm excited about date night with DH. Take each moment as it comes.

On a side note: Real Housewives of NYC is a guilty pleasure of mine. Last night was part one of a reunion and the ladies have been extra caustic this season, especially Jill, although I would love to have pinot grigio with Ramona and Sonja someday because they would be a riot. There was a moment last night when Bethanny was talking about her surprise pregnancy (very jealous; why can't I have one?) and Jill said "you make plans and God laughs." I love it. This is perfect for me. At this point in my life I had planned on having two or three kids, but God must have found that one profoundly funny and laughed hysterically for years...eight to be exact.


Silver said...

It's a good quote! I have to say that when I hear other women planning their pregnancies, I'm the one doing the laughing these days - you know the type of thing, "I'm planning a Spring baby so that I can take it out in the nice weather and show it off and get myself back into shape"! I remember thinking that way 7 years ago - ha, ha!

It is what it is said...

I'm a fan of RHNYC, too, although I'll admit that it was harder to watch this season as they all degraded into play ground mean/foolishness. I'm glad this reunion is in three parts...something on TV to look forward to (oh, that, and Khloe and Kim Take Miami (or whatever it's called))